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C Programming | Components of a C Program Quiz

Components of a C Program:

The main components constituting a C program are listed below:

  • Header Files: A header file is a file that has an extension .h and contains C function declarations and macros, which are to be shared between several source files, hence allowing reusability and hence more efficiency in building up programming logic.
  • Main Method: The main method is a function from where the program execution starts in C.
  • Program Body: The program body is the main part of the program where all the programming logic is written. It includes all the variable declarations, the program logic(loops, conditional statements, function calls, etc), and finally the return statement terminating the program.


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C Programming Quiz

C Programming quiz helps us to increase our knowledge

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Which of the following is true for variable names in C?

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All keywords in C are in ____________

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What is the 16-bit compiler allowable range for integer constants?

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Which is valid C expression?

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What is short int in C programming?

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Which of the following declaration is not supported by C language?

7 / 10

Which of the following is not a valid C variable name?

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Study the following program:

  1. main()
  2. {printf("javatpoint");
  3. main();}

What will be the output of this program?

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Which of the following cannot be a variable name in C?

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Who is the father of C language?

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