YouTuber | People are Earning millions and crores by becoming a YouTuber, Know How

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Young people, old people and children are earning millions and crores by becoming a YouTuber, you can also earn big money in a short time, know how

There are lakhs of such people in the country and the world who are doing jobs to support their families, but they are not satisfied with their jobs. Many reasons have come to the fore for this, including not getting enough time for family or travel, not getting salary suitable for work, being called to work from time to time by the boss. The biggest reason for not getting job satisfaction, which has come to the fore is that they are not able to get the job they want, but they have to do the job because of compulsion, due to which lakhs of youth are suffering from stress and depression. If you are also bored with your 8 to 12 hours job and are looking for some way in which you can earn big money and work for few hours then we have come up with a cool idea for you and that idea is from youtube. To earn money. Yes, you can do millions of things every month by becoming a YouTuber. Today lakhs of youth, elderly and children are earning lakhs of rupees every month through YouTube. Let us tell you how to earn big by becoming a YouTuber.

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YouTuber First you have to create an account on YouTube

To earn big, you have to first create your account on YouTube. Don’t worry, this account is made absolutely free. This account is also called channel. Now you have to put some name of your channel. You can name whatever you want, just keep in mind that this name does not match with the name of this other channel.

Content to be posted on the channel

After creating a channel, you will have to regularly post content similar to the name of the channel on your channel. Content should be such that people like to watch.

Heading of the content should be catchy and mysterious

Whatever video you post on your channel, its heading and its look should be such that people are forced to watch it as soon as they read it. The more captivating and mysterious the editing of the heading and video, the more likely it is to be seen.


Have to do some hard work in the beginning

Because your channel is new, not many people know about it, so you have to share your channel and ask your friends to share that video, subscribe the channel and like the video, so that more and more To make that video reach more people. It may take at least 6 months or a year for your channel to become popular. You may not have any earnings during this period.

Do not give up if you do not earn in the beginning

Many people are like this, they make a channel with enthusiasm, but when they do not earn for some time, they give up and stop putting content on the channel. Do not make this mistake at all, because it definitely takes a year and six months to earn from YouTube, but after that the earning is done by tearing the roof.

Carry Me Nati, Amit Badhna are examples of this

You must have heard the name of Carry Me Nati. Today the child knows Carrie. He is the biggest YouTuber of India and his age is only 19-20 years. Today, Carrie is printing crores of rupees in a year from YouTube. Amit Badhana is also not less in terms of earning from YouTube. Whatever Amit Badhna has today, he has been given by YouTube only. But all this did not happen overnight, they also took a year and a half to earn fame and money and today they have become so popular that they can put any content on their channel, its views come in lakhs of crores and that is why their There is income. So what’s the delay, make your own YouTube channel today and make crores worth different.

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